If you visit

If you visit our assemblies you will find friendly folks.  We are not a large congregation with many ministries and large social outreach.  In fact, our ministry is our prayerful emphasis on the study of God’s word.  We seek to please God by diligent Bible study as did David in Psa 119:97 and the disciples in Berea in Acts 17:11

Over the last few years, several in our number independently studied the common modern teachings on Bible prophecy.  We found that much of what is being taught today about “the end times” was simply not in accord with what the apostles, prophets, Bible writers and Jesus himself taught.   After much study, we concluded that all prophecy given in both the Old and New Testaments was fulfilled within the 1st century. 

We understand that this conclusion may be considered radical by some.  But, we seek the truth of God Rom 3:4 and simple basic Christianity regardless of past background or the doctrines of men.  We continually search God’s word that we might have better knowledge of Him and a better understanding of his will for us as we live out our daily lives.  You are most welcome to join us as we continue to carefully consider God’s marvelous plan and His ongoing instruction in righteousness.