Greek G165 Aion List

A list of all occurrences of AION in the King James NT.  AION is about time, not planet.  This is a serious problem!  Check the version you use for this mistranslation.

G165: αἰών Transliteration: aiōn  Phonetic Pronunciation: ahee-ohn’

Root: from the same as <G104> Cross Reference: TDNT – 1:197,31

Part of Speech: n m

from the same as <G104> (aei); properly an age; by extension perpetuity (also past); by implication the world; specially (Jewish) a Messianic period (present or future) :- age, course, eternal, (for) ever (-more), [n-]ever, (beginning of the, while the) world (began, without end). Compare <G5550> (chronos).

Mat 6:13 AndG2532 leadG1533 usG2248 notG3361 intoG1519 temptation,G3986 butG235 deliverG4506 usG2248 fromG575 evil:G4190 ForG3754 thineG4675 isG2076 theG3588 kingdom,G932 andG2532 theG3588 power,G1411 andG2532 theG3588 glory,G1391 for ever.G1519 G165 Amen.G281

Mat 12:32 AndG2532 whosoeverG3739 G302 speakethG2036 a wordG3056 againstG2596 theG3588 SonG5207 of man,G444 it shall be forgivenG863 him:G846 butG1161 whosoeverG3739 G302 speakethG2036 againstG2596 theG3588 HolyG40 Ghost,G4151 it shall notG3756 be forgivenG863 him,G846 neitherG3777 inG1722 thisG5129 world,G165 neitherG3777 inG1722 theG3588 world to come.G3195

Mat 13:22 He also that received seedG4687 G1161 amongG1519 theG3588 thornsG173 (G3778) isG2076 he that hearethG191 theG3588 word;G3056 andG2532 theG3588 careG3308 of thisG5127 world,G165 andG2532 theG3588 deceitfulnessG539 of riches,G4149 chokeG4846 theG3588 word,G3056 andG2532 he becomethG1096 unfruitful.G175

Mat 13:39 (G1161) TheG3588 enemyG2190 that sowedG4687 themG846 isG2076 theG3588 devil;G1228 theG3588 harvestG2326 isG2076 the endG4930 of theG3588 world;G165 andG2532 theG3588 reapersG2327 areG1526 the angels.G32

Mat_13:40 AsG5618 thereforeG3767 theG3588 taresG2215 are gatheredG4816 andG2532 burnedG2618 in the fire;G4442 soG3779 shall it beG2071 inG1722 theG3588 endG4930 of thisG5127 world.G165

Mat 13:49 SoG3779 shall it beG2071 atG1722 theG3588 endG4930 of theG3588 world:G165 theG3588 angelsG32 shall come forth,G1831 andG2532 severG873 theG3588 wickedG4190 fromG1537 amongG3319 theG3588 just,G1342

Mat 21:19 AndG2532 when he sawG1492 aG3391 fig treeG4808 inG1909 theG3588 way,G3598 he cameG2064 toG1909 it,G846 andG2532 foundG2147 nothingG3762 thereon,G1722 G846 butG1508 leavesG5444 only,G3440 andG2532 saidG3004 unto it,G846 Let no fruitG2590 growG1096 onG1537 theeG4675 henceforwardG3371 for ever.G1519 G165 AndG2532 presentlyG3916 theG3588 fig treeG4808 withered away.G3583

Mat 24:3 AndG1161 as heG846 satG2521 uponG1909 theG3588 mountG3735 of Olives,G1636 theG3588 disciplesG3101 cameG4334 unto himG846 privately,G2596 G2398 saying,G3004 TellG2036 us,G2254 whenG4219 shall these thingsG5023 be?G2071 andG2532 whatG5101 shall be theG3588 signG4592 of thyG4674 coming,G3952 andG2532 of theG3588 endG4930 of theG3588 world?G165

Mat 28:20 TeachingG1321 themG846 to observeG5083 all thingsG3956 whatsoeverG3745 I have commandedG1781 you:G5213 and,G2532 lo,G2400 IG1473 amG1510 withG3326 youG5216 alway,G3956 G2250 even untoG2193 theG3588 endG4930 of theG3588 world.G165 Amen.G281

Mar 3:29 ButG1161 heG3739 G302 that shall blasphemeG987 againstG1519 theG3588 HolyG40 GhostG4151 hathG2192 never forgiveness,G3756 G859 G1519 G165 butG235 isG2076 in dangerG1777 of eternalG166 damnation:G2920

Mar 4:19 AndG2532 theG3588 caresG3308 of thisG5127 world,G165 andG2532 theG3588 deceitfulnessG539 of riches,G4149 andG2532 theG3588 lustsG1939 ofG4012 other thingsG3062 entering in,G1531 chokeG4846 theG3588 word,G3056 andG2532 it becomethG1096 unfruitful.G175

Mar 10:30 ButG1437 G3361 he shall receiveG2983 an hundredfoldG1542 nowG3568 inG1722 thisG5129 time,G2540 houses,G3614 andG2532 brethren,G80 andG2532 sisters,G79 andG2532 mothers,G3384 andG2532 children,G5043 andG2532 lands,G68 withG3326 persecutions;G1375 andG2532 inG1722 theG3588 worldG165 to comeG2064 eternalG166 life.G2222

Mar 11:14 AndG2532 JesusG2424 answeredG611 and saidG2036 unto it,G846 No manG3367 eatG5315 fruitG2590 ofG1537 theeG4675 hereafterG3371 for ever.G1519 G165 AndG2532 hisG846 disciplesG3101 heardG191 it.

Luk 1:33 AndG2532 he shall reignG936 overG1909 theG3588 houseG3624 of JacobG2384 for ever;G1519 G165 andG2532 of hisG846 kingdomG932 there shall beG2071 noG3756 end.G5056

Luk 1:55 AsG2531 he spakeG2980 toG4314 ourG2257 fathers,G3962 to Abraham,G11 andG2532 to hisG846 seedG4690 for ever.G1519 G165

Luk 1:70 AsG2531 he spakeG2980 byG1223 the mouthG4750 of hisG848 holyG40 prophets,G4396 whichG3588 have been since the world began:G575 G165

Luk 16:8 AndG2532 theG3588 lordG2962 commendedG1867 theG3588 unjustG93 steward,G3623 becauseG3754 he had doneG4160 wisely:G5430 forG3754 theG3588 childrenG5207 of thisG5127 worldG165 areG1526 inG1519 theirG1438 generationG1074 wiserG5429 thanG5228 theG3588 childrenG5207 of light.G5457

Luk 18:30 WhoG3739 shall notG3364 receiveG618 manifold moreG4179 inG1722 thisG5129 present time,G2540 andG2532 inG1722 theG3588 worldG165 to comeG2064 lifeG2222 everlasting.G166

Luk 20:34 AndG2532 JesusG2424 answeringG611 saidG2036 unto them,G846 TheG3588 childrenG5207 of thisG5127 worldG165 marry,G1060 andG2532 are given in marriage:G1548

Luk 20:35 ButG1161 they which shall be accounted worthyG2661 to obtainG5177 thatG1565 world,G165 andG2532 theG3588 resurrectionG386 fromG1537 the dead,G3498 neitherG3777 marry,G1060 norG3777 are given in marriage:G1548

Joh 4:14 ButG1161 whosoeverG3739 G302 drinkethG4095 ofG1537 theG3588 waterG5204 thatG3739 IG1473 shall giveG1325 himG846 shall neverG3364 G1519 G165 thirst;G1372 butG235 theG3588 waterG5204 thatG3739 I shall giveG1325 himG846 shall beG1096 inG1722 himG846 a wellG4077 of waterG5204 springing upG242 intoG1519 everlastingG166 life.G2222

Joh 6:51 IG1473 amG1510 theG3588 livingG2198 breadG740 which came downG2597 fromG1537 heaven:G3772 ifG1437 any manG5100 eatG5315 ofG1537 thisG5127 bread,G740 he shall liveG2198 for ever:G1519 G165 andG1161 theG3588 breadG740 thatG3739 IG1473 will giveG1325 isG2076 myG3450 flesh,G4561 whichG3739 IG1473 will giveG1325 forG5228 theG3588 lifeG2222 of theG3588 world.G2889

Joh 6:58 ThisG3778 isG2076 that breadG740 which came downG2597 fromG1537 heaven:G3772 notG3756 asG2531 yourG5216 fathersG3962 did eatG5315 manna,G3131 andG2532 are dead:G599 he that eatethG5176 of thisG5126 breadG740 shall liveG2198 for ever.G1519 G165

Joh 8:35 AndG1161 theG3588 servantG1401 abidethG3306 notG3756 inG1722 theG3588 houseG3614 for ever:G1519 G165 but theG3588 SonG5207 abidethG3306 ever.G1519 G165

Joh 8:51 Verily,G281 verily,G281 I sayG3004 unto you,G5213 IfG1437 a manG5100 keepG5083 myG1699 saying,G3056 he shall neverG3364 G1519 G165 seeG2334 death.G2288

Joh 8:52 ThenG3767 saidG2036 theG3588 JewsG2453 unto him,G846 NowG3568 we knowG1097 thatG3754 thou hastG2192 a devil.G1140 AbrahamG11 is dead,G599 andG2532 theG3588 prophets;G4396 andG2532 thouG4771 sayest,G3004 IfG1437 a manG5100 keepG5083 myG3450 saying,G3056 he shall neverG3364 G1519 G165 tasteG1089 of death.G2288

Joh 9:32 Since the world beganG1537 G165 was it notG3756 heardG191 thatG3754 any manG5100 openedG455 the eyesG3788 of one that was bornG1080 blind.G5185

Joh 10:28 And IG2504 giveG1325 unto themG846 eternalG166 life;G2222 andG2532 they shall neverG3364 G1519 G165 perish,G622 neitherG2532 G3756 shall anyG5100 man pluckG726 themG846 out ofG1537 myG3450 hand.G5495

Joh 11:26 AndG2532 whosoeverG3956 livethG2198 andG2532 believethG4100 inG1519 meG1691 shall neverG3364 G1519 G165 die.G599 BelievestG4100 thou this?G5124

Joh_12:34 TheG3588 peopleG3793 answeredG611 him,G846 WeG2249 have heardG191 out ofG1537 theG3588 lawG3551 thatG3754 ChristG5547 abidethG3306 for ever:G1519 G165 andG2532 howG4459 sayestG3004 thou,G4771 TheG3588 SonG5207 of manG444 mustG1163 be lifted up?G5312 whoG5101 isG2076 thisG3778 SonG5207 of man?G444

Joh_13:8 PeterG4074 saithG3004 unto him,G846 Thou shalt neverG3364 G1519 G165 washG3538 myG3450 feet.G4228 JesusG2424 answeredG611 him,G846 IfG3362 I washG3538 theeG4571 not,G3756 thou hastG2192 noG3756 partG3313 withG3326 me.G1700

Joh_14:16 AndG2532 IG1473 will prayG2065 theG3588 Father,G3962 andG2532 he shall giveG1325 youG5213 anotherG243 Comforter,G3875 thatG2443 he may abideG3306 withG3326 youG5216 for ever;G1519 G165

Act_3:21 WhomG3739 the heavenG3772 mustG1163(G3303) receiveG1209 untilG891 the timesG5550 of restitutionG605 of all things,G3956 whichG3739 GodG2316 hath spokenG2980 byG1223 the mouthG4750 of allG3956 hisG848 holyG40 prophetsG4396 since the world began.G575 G165

Act_15:18 KnownG1110 unto GodG2316 areG2076 allG3956 hisG848 worksG2041 fromG575 the beginning of the world.G165

Rom_1:25 WhoG3748 changedG3337 theG3588 truthG225 of GodG2316 intoG1722 a lie,G5579 andG2532 worshippedG4573 andG2532 servedG3000 theG3588 creatureG2937 more thanG3844 theG3588 Creator,G2936 whoG3739 isG2076 blessedG2128 for ever.G1519 G165 Amen.G281

Rom_9:5 WhoseG3739 are theG3588 fathers,G3962 andG2532 ofG1537 whomG3739 as concerningG2596 the fleshG4561 ChristG5547 came, who isG5607 overG1909 all,G3956 GodG2316 blessedG2128 for ever.G1519 G165 Amen.G281

Rom_11:36 ForG3754 ofG1537 him,G846 andG2532 throughG1223 him,G846 andG2532 toG1519 him,G846 are all things:G3956 to whomG846 be gloryG1391 for ever.G1519 G165 Amen.G281

Rom_12:2 AndG2532 be notG3361 conformedG4964 to thisG5129 world:G165 butG235 be ye transformedG3339 by theG3588 renewingG342 of yourG5216 mind,G3563 that yeG5209 may proveG1381 whatG5101 is that good,G18 andG2532 acceptable,G2101 andG2532 perfect,G5046 willG2307 of God.G2316

Rom_16:27 To GodG2316 onlyG3441 wise,G4680 be gloryG1391 throughG1223 JesusG2424 ChristG5547 for ever.G1519 G165 Amen.G281 Written to the Romans from Corinthus, and sent by Phebe servant of the church at Cenchrea.

1Co_1:20 WhereG4226 is the wise?G4680 whereG4226 is the scribe?G1122 whereG4226 is the disputerG4804 of thisG5127 world?G165 hath notG3780 GodG2316 made foolishG3471 theG3588 wisdomG4678 of thisG5127 world?G2889

1Co_2:6 HowbeitG1161 we speakG2980 wisdomG4678 amongG1722 them that are perfect:G5046 yetG1161 notG3756 the wisdomG4678 of thisG5127 world,G165 norG3761 of theG3588 princesG758 of thisG5127 world,G165 that come to nought:G2673

1Co_2:7 ButG235 we speakG2980 the wisdomG4678 of GodG2316 inG1722 a mystery,G3466 even theG3588 hiddenG613 wisdom, whichG3739 GodG2316 ordainedG4309 beforeG4253 theG3588 worldG165 untoG1519 ourG2257 glory:G1391

1Co_2:8 WhichG3739 noneG3762 of theG3588 princesG758 of thisG5127 worldG165 knew:G1097 forG1063 had they(G1487) knownG1097 it, they would notG3756 have(G302) crucifiedG4717 theG3588 LordG2962 of glory.G1391

1Co_3:18 Let no manG3367 deceiveG1818 himself.G1438 If any manG1536 amongG1722 youG5213 seemethG1380 to beG1511 wiseG4680 inG1722 thisG5129 world,G165 let him becomeG1096 a fool,G3474 thatG2443 he may beG1096 wise.G4680

1Co_8:13 Wherefore,G1355 ifG1487 meatG1033 make my brother to offend,G4624 G3450 G80 I will eatG5315 noG3364 fleshG2907 while the world standeth,G1519 G3588 G165 lestG3363 I make my brother to offend.G4624 G3450 G80

1Co_10:11 NowG1161 allG3956 these thingsG5023 happenedG4819 unto themG1565 for ensamples:G5179 andG1161 they are writtenG1125 forG4314 ourG2257 admonition,G3559 uponG1519 whomG3739 theG3588 endsG5056 of theG3588 worldG165 are come.G2658

2Co_4:4 InG1722 whomG3739 theG3588 godG2316 of thisG5127 worldG165 hath blindedG5186 theG3588 mindsG3540 of them which believe not,G571 lestG3361 theG3588 lightG5462 of theG3588 gloriousG1391 gospelG2098 of Christ,G5547 whoG3739 isG2076 the imageG1504 of God,G2316 should shineG826 unto them.G846

2Co_9:9 (AsG2531 it is written,G1125 He hath dispersed abroad;G4650 he hath givenG1325 to theG3588 poor:G3993 hisG846 righteousnessG1343 remainethG3306 for ever.G1519 G165

2Co_11:31 TheG3588 GodG2316 andG2532 FatherG3962 of ourG2257 LordG2962 JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 which isG5607 blessedG2128 for evermore,G1519 G165 knowethG1492 thatG3754 I lieG5574 not.G3756

Gal_1:4 Who gaveG1325 himselfG1438 forG5228 ourG2257 sins,G266 thatG3704 he might deliverG1807 usG2248 fromG1537 this presentG1764 evilG4190 world,G165 accordingG2596 to theG3588 willG2307 of GodG2316 andG2532 ourG2257 Father:G3962

Gal_1:5 To whomG3739 be gloryG1391 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

Eph_1:21 Far aboveG5231 allG3956 principality,G746 andG2532 power,G1849 andG2532 might,G1411 andG2532 dominion,G2963 andG2532 everyG3956 nameG3686 that is named,G3687 notG3756 onlyG3440 inG1722 thisG5129 world,G165 butG235 alsoG2532 inG1722 that which is to come:G3195

Eph_2:2 WhereinG1722 G3739 in time pastG4218 ye walkedG4043 accordingG2596 to theG3588 courseG165 of thisG5127 world,G2889 accordingG2596 to theG3588 princeG758 of theG3588 powerG1849 of theG3588 air,G109 theG3588 spiritG4151 that now workethG1754 G3568 inG1722 theG3588 childrenG5207 of disobedience:G543

Eph_2:7 ThatG2443 inG1722 theG3588 agesG165 to comeG1904 he might shewG1731 theG3588 exceedingG5235 richesG4149 of hisG848 graceG5485 inG1722 his kindnessG5544 towardG1909 usG2248 throughG1722 ChristG5547 Jesus.G2424

Eph_3:9 AndG2532 to make all men seeG5461 G3956 whatG5101 is theG3588 fellowshipG2842 of theG3588 mystery,G3466 which fromG575 theG3588 beginning of the worldG165 hath been hidG613 inG1722 God,G2316 who createdG2936 all thingsG3956 byG1223 JesusG2424 Christ:G5547

Eph_3:11 AccordingG2596 to theG3588 eternalG165 purposeG4286 whichG3739 he purposedG4160 inG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424 ourG2257 Lord:G2962

Eph_3:21 Unto himG846 be gloryG1391 inG1722 theG3588 churchG1577 byG1722 ChristG5547 JesusG2424 throughoutG1519 allG3956 ages,G1074 world without end.G165 G165 Amen.G281

Eph_6:12 ForG3754 weG2254 wrestleG2076 G3823 notG3756 againstG4314 fleshG4561 andG2532 blood,G129 butG235 againstG4314 principalities,G746 againstG4314 powers,G1849 againstG4314 theG3588 rulersG2888 of theG3588 darknessG4655 of thisG5127 world,G165 againstG4314 spiritualG4152 wickednessG4189 inG1722 highG2032 places.

Php_4:20 NowG1161 unto GodG2316 andG2532 ourG2257 FatherG3962 be gloryG1391 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

Col_1:26 Even theG3588 mysteryG3466 which hath been hidG613 fromG575 agesG165 andG2532 fromG575 generations,G1074 butG1161 nowG3570 is made manifestG5319 to hisG846 saints:G40

1Ti_1:17 NowG1161 unto theG3588 KingG935 eternal,G165 immortal,G862 invisible,G517 the onlyG3441 wiseG4680 God,G2316 be honourG5092 andG2532 gloryG1391 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

1Ti_6:17 ChargeG3853 them that are richG4145 inG1722 this world,G3568 G165 that they be not highminded,G5309 G3361 norG3366 trustG1679 inG1909 uncertainG83 riches,G4149 butG235 inG1722 theG3588 livingG2198 God,G2316 who givethG3930 usG2254 richlyG4146 all thingsG3956 toG1519 enjoy;G619

2Ti_4:10 ForG1063 DemasG1214 hath forsakenG1459 me,G3165 having lovedG25 this presentG3568 world,G165 andG2532 is departedG4198 untoG1519 Thessalonica;G2332 CrescensG2913 toG1519 Galatia,G1053 TitusG5103 untoG1519 Dalmatia.G1149

2Ti_4:18 AndG2532 theG3588 LordG2962 shall deliverG4506 meG3165 fromG575 everyG3956 evilG4190 work,G2041 andG2532 will preserveG4982 me untoG1519 hisG848 heavenlyG2032 kingdom:G932 to whomG3739 be gloryG1391 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

Tit_2:12 TeachingG3811 usG2248 that,G2443 denyingG720 ungodlinessG763 andG2532 worldlyG2886 lusts,G1939 we should liveG2198 soberly, righteously,G4996 (G1346) andG2532 godly,G2153 inG1722 this presentG3568 world;G165

Heb_1:2 Hath inG1909 theseG5130 lastG2078 daysG2250 spokenG2980 unto usG2254 byG1722 his Son,G5207 whomG3739 he hath appointedG5087 heirG2818 of all things,G3956 byG1223 whomG3739 alsoG2532 he madeG4160 theG3588 worlds;G165

Heb_1:8 ButG1161 untoG4314 theG3588 SonG5207 he saith, ThyG4675 throne,G2362 O God,G2316 is for ever and ever:G1519 G165 G165 a sceptreG4464 of righteousnessG2118 is theG3588 sceptreG4464 of thyG4675 kingdom.G932

Heb_5:6 AsG2531 he saithG3004 alsoG2532 inG1722 anotherG2087 place, ThouG4771 art a priestG2409 for everG1519 G165 afterG2596 theG3588 orderG5010 of Melchisedec.G3198

Heb_6:5 AndG2532 have tastedG1089 the goodG2570 wordG4487 of God,G2316 andG5037 the powersG1411 of the worldG165 to come,G3195

Heb_6:20 WhitherG3699 the forerunnerG4274 is forG5228 usG2257 entered,G1525 even Jesus,G2424 madeG1096 an high priestG749 for everG1519 G165 afterG2596 theG3588 orderG5010 of Melchisedec.G3198

Heb_7:17 ForG1063 he testifieth,G3140 ThouG4771 art a priestG2409 for everG1519 G165 afterG2596 theG3588 orderG5010 of Melchisedec.G3198

Heb_7:21 (ForG1063 those priestsG2409(G3303) wereG1526 madeG1096 withoutG5565 an oath;G3728 butG1161 thisG3588 withG3326 an oathG3728 byG1223 him that saidG3004 untoG4314 him,G846 The

LordG2962 swareG3660 andG2532 will notG3756 repent,G3338 ThouG4771 art a priestG2409 for everG1519 G165 afterG2596 theG3588 orderG5010 of Melchisedec:)G3198

Heb_7:24 ButG1161 thisG3588 man, because heG846 continuethG3306 ever,G1519 G165 hathG2192 an unchangeableG531 priesthood.G2420

Heb_7:28 ForG1063 theG3588 lawG3551 makethG2525 menG444 high priestsG749 which haveG2192 infirmity;G769 butG1161 theG3588 wordG3056 of theG3588 oath,G3728 whichG3588 was sinceG3326 theG3588 law,G3551 maketh the Son,G5207 who is consecratedG5048 for evermore.G1519 G165

Heb_9:26 For thenG1893 mustG1163 heG846 oftenG4178 have sufferedG3958 sinceG575 the foundationG2602 of the world:G2889 butG1161 nowG3568 onceG530 inG1909 the endG4930 of theG3588 worldG165 hath he appearedG5319 to put awayG1519 G115 sinG266 byG1223 theG3588 sacrificeG2378 of himself.G848

Heb_11:3 Through faithG4102 we understandG3539 that theG3588 worldsG165 were framedG2675 by the wordG4487 of God,G2316 so that things which are seenG991 were notG3361 madeG1096 ofG1537 things which do appear.G5316

Heb_13:8 JesusG2424 ChristG5547 theG3588 sameG846 yesterday,G5504 andG2532 to day,G4594 andG2532 for ever.G1519 G165

Heb_13:21 Make you perfectG2675 G5209 inG1722 everyG3956 goodG18 workG2041 to doG4160 hisG848 will,G2307 workingG4160 inG1722 youG5213 that which is wellpleasingG2101 in his sight,G1799 G848 throughG1223 JesusG2424 Christ;G5547 to whomG3739 be gloryG1391 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

1Pe_1:23 Being born again,G313 notG3756 ofG1537 corruptibleG5349 seed,G4701 butG235 of incorruptible,G862 byG1223 the wordG3056 of God,G2316 which livethG2198 andG2532 abidethG3306 for ever.G1519 G165

1Pe_1:25 ButG1161 theG3588 wordG4487 of the LordG2962 endurethG3306 for ever.G1519 G165 AndG1161 thisG5124 isG2076 theG3588 wordG4487 which by the gospel is preachedG2097 untoG1519 you.G5209

1Pe_4:11 If any manG1536 speak,G2980 let him speak asG5613 the oraclesG3051 of God;G2316 if any manG1536 minister,G1247 let him do it asG5613 ofG1537 the abilityG2479 whichG3739 GodG2316 giveth:G5524 thatG2443 GodG2316 inG1722 all thingsG3956 may be glorifiedG1392 throughG1223 JesusG2424 Christ,G5547 to whomG3739 beG2076 praiseG1391 andG2532 dominionG2904 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

1Pe_5:11 To himG846 be gloryG1391 andG2532 dominionG2904 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

2Pe_2:17 TheseG3778 areG1526 wellsG4077 without water,G504 cloudsG3507 that are carriedG1643 withG5259 a tempest;G2978 to whomG3739 theG3588 mistG2217 of darknessG4655 is reservedG5083 for ever.G1519 G165

2Pe_3:18 ButG1161 growG837 inG1722 grace,G5485 andG2532 in the knowledgeG1108 of ourG2257 LordG2962 andG2532 SaviourG4990 JesusG2424 Christ.G5547 To himG846 be gloryG1391 bothG2532 nowG3568 andG2532 for ever.G1519 G2250 G165 Amen.G281

1Jn_2:17 AndG2532 theG3588 worldG2889 passeth away,G3855 andG2532 theG3588 lustG1939 thereof:G848 butG1161 he that doethG4160 theG3588 willG2307 of GodG2316 abidethG3306 for ever.G1519 G165

2Jn_1:2 For the truth’s sake,G1223 G3588 G225 which dwellethG3306 inG1722 us,G2254 andG2532 shall beG2071 withG3326 usG2257 for ever.G1519 G165

Jud_1:13 RagingG66 wavesG2949 of the sea,G2281 foaming outG1890 their ownG1438 shame;G152 wanderingG4107 stars,G792 to whomG3739 is reservedG5083 theG3588 blacknessG2217 of darknessG4655 for ever.G1519 G165

Jud_1:25 To the onlyG3441 wiseG4680 GodG2316 ourG2257 Saviour,G4990 be gloryG1391 andG2532 majesty,G3172 dominionG2904 andG2532 power,G1849 bothG2532 nowG3568 andG2532 ever.G1519 G3956 G165 Amen.G281

Rev_1:6 AndG2532 hath madeG4160 usG2248 kingsG935 andG2532 priestsG2409 unto GodG2316 andG2532 hisG848 Father;G3962 to himG846 be gloryG1391 andG2532 dominionG2904 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

Rev_1:18 (G2532) I am he that liveth,G2198 andG2532 wasG1096 dead;G3498 and,G2532 behold,G2400 I amG1510 aliveG2198 for evermore,G1519 G165 G165 Amen;G281 andG2532 haveG2192 theG3588 keysG2807 of hellG86 andG2532 of death.G2288

Rev_4:9 AndG2532 whenG3752 those beastsG2226 giveG1325 gloryG1391 andG2532 honourG5092 andG2532 thanksG2169 to him that satG2521 onG1909 theG3588 throne,G2362 who livethG2198 for ever and ever,G1519 G165 G165

Rev_4:10 TheG3588 four and twentyG5064 G2532 G1501 eldersG4245 fall downG4098 beforeG1799 him that satG2521 onG1909 theG3588 throne,G2362 andG2532 worshipG4352 him that livethG2198 for ever and ever,G1519 G165 G165 andG2532 castG906 theirG848 crownsG4735 beforeG1799 theG3588 throne,G2362 saying,G3004

Rev_5:13 AndG2532 everyG3956 creatureG2938 whichG3739 isG2076 inG1722 heaven,G3772 andG2532 onG1722 theG3588 earth,G1093 andG2532 underG5270 theG3588 earth,G1093 andG2532 such asG3739 areG2076 inG1909 theG3588 sea,G2281 andG2532 allG3956 thatG3588 are inG1722 them,G846 heardG191 I saying,G3004 Blessing,G2129 andG2532 honour,G5092 andG2532 glory,G1391 andG2532 power,G2904 be unto him that sittethG2521 uponG1909 theG3588 throne,G2362 andG2532 unto theG3588 LambG721 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165

Rev_5:14 AndG2532 theG3588 fourG5064 beastsG2226 said,G3004 Amen.G281 AndG2532 theG3588 four and twentyG1501 G5064 eldersG4245 fell downG4098 andG2532 worshippedG4352 him that livethG2198 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165

Rev_7:12 Saying,G3004 Amen:G281 Blessing,G2129 andG2532 glory,G1391 andG2532 wisdom,G4678 andG2532 thanksgiving,G2169 andG2532 honour,G5092 andG2532 power,G1411 andG2532 might,G2479 be unto ourG2257 GodG2316 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165 Amen.G281

Rev_10:6 AndG2532 swareG3660 byG1722 him that livethG2198 for ever and ever,G1519 G165 G165 whoG3739 createdG2936 heaven,G3772 andG2532 the thingsG3588 that thereinG1722 G846 are, andG2532 theG3588 earth,G1093 andG2532 the thingsG3588 that thereinG1722 G846 are, andG2532 theG3588 sea,G2281 andG2532 the thingsG3588 which are therein,G1722 G846 thatG3754 there should beG2071 timeG5550 noG3756 longer:G2089

Rev_11:15 AndG2532 theG3588 seventhG1442 angelG32 sounded;G4537 andG2532 there wereG1096 greatG3173 voicesG5456 inG1722 heaven,G3772 saying,G3004 TheG3588 kingdomsG932 of this worldG2889 are becomeG1096 the kingdoms of ourG2257 Lord,G2962 andG2532 of hisG848 Christ;G5547 andG2532 he shall reignG936 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165

Rev_14:11 AndG2532 theG3588 smokeG2586 of theirG848 tormentG929 ascendeth upG305 for ever and ever:G1519 G165 G165 andG2532 they haveG2192 noG3756 restG372 dayG2250 norG2532 night,G3571 who worshipG4352 theG3588 beastG2342 andG2532 hisG848 image,G1504 andG2532 whosoeverG1536 receivethG2983 theG3588 markG5480 of hisG848 name.G3686

Rev_15:7 AndG2532 oneG1520 ofG1537 theG3588 fourG5064 beastsG2226 gaveG1325 unto theG3588 sevenG2033 angelsG32 sevenG2033 goldenG5552 vialsG5357 fullG1073 of theG3588 wrathG2372 of God,G2316 who livethG2198 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165

Rev_19:3 AndG2532 againG1208 they said,G2046 Alleluia.G239 AndG2532 herG848 smokeG2586 rose upG305 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165

Rev_20:10 AndG2532 theG3588 devilG1228 that deceivedG4105 themG846 was castG906 intoG1519 theG3588 lakeG3041 of fireG4442 andG2532 brimstone,G2303 whereG3699 theG3588 beastG2342 andG2532 theG3588 false prophetG5578 are, andG2532 shall be tormentedG928 dayG2250 andG2532 nightG3571 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165

Rev_22:5 AndG2532 there shall beG2071 noG3756 nightG3571 there;G1563 andG2532 they needG2192 G5532 noG3756 candle,G3088 neitherG2532 lightG5457 of the sun;G2246 for the LordG2962 GodG2316 giveth them light:G5461 G846 andG2532 they shall reignG936 for ever and ever.G1519 G165 G165