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  • Do you miss the old-time “page-turning” Bible lessons and sermons?

  • Have you found Bible verses that don’t seem to agree with others?

  • Have you ever heard a speaker try to apply a passage to today, that only applied to the ones to which it was originally addressed?  

If you have had questions and situations like these, we cordially invite you to attend our services and classes. If you do, you will experience a different kind of Bible study:

  • Studies approached with an open mind and an open Bible.

  • Studies searching the original language for the correct translation.

  • Studies that respect “audience relevance” of scripture.

At Spring and Case Congregation of Christ you will find folks who respect others and answer in a kind manner. Please come and join our study.

Devotional song – There is a habitation by Tim Hughes

Why the name change?  Here are the principle reasons:

I.  The English word “church” has some baggage.

A.  The entomology (word origin) of the English word “church” is problematic and is not a good translation of the Greek word ἐκκλησία ekklēsia (G1577), as found in the NT Greek text.  Prior to the King James Version, there were other English translations that used the words “assembly” or “congregation” as translations of the Greek word ekklēsia.

B.  Through the centuries the use of the English word “church” has picked up meanings never meant by, or even envisioned by, the New Testament writers.

II.  To many around the world the use of the words “Church of Christ” brings up a reputation of acrimony and legalistic attitudes.  We hope to change that reputation and show that we are a people that display grace and love for our fellow men.

III.  Through intense and long term study, we now proclaim the “Fulfilled Prophecy” understanding of the “end times” discussed in the Bible.  By changing our name, we hope to show that we have turned from teaching doctrines that were incorrect.  We believe that Christ kept his word and did return during the lifetime of some of his first century disciples as he said he would.